About me

PrintBorn and brought up in Norfolk and educated at Norwich High School for Girls I continued my musical studies at The Royal College of Music (Piano, Organ,Harpsichord, Singing). After a PGCE in music at Bulmershe College Reading, I was head of music in private and state schools.

I still play the organ professionally on occasions and am a member of the ISM. Recently I acted as a consultant to Paul Harris’ new series of “Improve your Sight-reading”, “Improve your Scales”, “Teaching Beginners” and “The Virtuoso Teacher” all published by Faber.

I regularly accompany instrumentalists and singers in Associated Board exams. Together we work to produce the best possible performance where instrumentalist and piano communicate fully and expressively giving the candidate confidence and security. Where the performer has not played their selection with the piano before I suggest contacting me as soon as possible for your own peace of mind.

I also offer preparation for Aural Tests and Practical Musicianship.

For 10 years I ran Tuning Up, my own music group for mothers and children from 6 months to preschool, believing that every child should be offered the gift of interacting with music in as many forms as possible as well as listening passively.
In addition I took music groups in several nurseries in Norfolk including a group in the Polliwiggle department of Norwich High School for Girls.
Action songs, puppets, percussion instruments, everyday objects which make interesting sounds, traditional nursery rhymes, dance- especially circle dance, basic breathing and relaxation exercises were all part of each session.